Bos Cleaner 370e

The new Bos Cleaner 370e is now available with the new shaft connection.

A double gear box allows a nearly 90° degree connection. With a simple quick connection, the 20 m shaft can be changed within a few minutes at the construction site. With the new electric foot pedal eliminates the annoying search of the pressure point as with pneumatic pedals. Due to the new design, the simple operation is also guaranteed with safety footwear.

This machine was further developed visually and technically in 2017 for the professional cleaning of air ducts. The BC370e works excellently in pipelines, but can also be used in rectangular ducts. The small size and the great mobility makes the use and handling of a very simple task, even in confined spaces.

  • Quick connection for the cleaning shaft
  • Double gear for shaft connection
  • Step-less right and left rotation
  • Electric foot pedal
  • Remote control optional
  • Available in 230V and 110V

Basic brushes, M12, PP Bristle
Brush with nylon center, PES Bristle, Ø 0.50 mm
Brush with nylon center and disc, PES / Nylon bristle, Ø 0.70 mm
Brush with nylon center, PES Bristle, Ø 0.35 mm

Brush adapter for brushes with nylon center
Flexible brush adapter for small diameter


Drive: Electric 240V and 110V
Frequency: 50 Hz
Motor: 0,55 kW / 1.9 A
Rotation speed: Frequency converter
Connection cable: 5m rubber cable, 3G 3*1.5 mm²
Control switch: Yes
Brush speed: 50–560 rpm, variable
Brush/direction control: Electrical pedal
Brush connection: M12
Material housing/drum: Painted steel / marine-grade aluminium EN AW 5754
Dimensions: Height 925 x Width 470 x Length 690 mm

Weight: 44 kg
IP Rating: 54
Shaft length: 20 m/10 mm
Shaft: PA MOQ 18/12 + 10 mm flexible steel shaft
Shaft mounting adapter: (Easy Service System Adapter) ESSA
Casters: Ø 200 mm
Indicator lights: Yes
Emergency stop switch: Yes
Hour meter: Yes
Max. brush size: Soft Ø 400 mm

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