Bos Cleaner 750p

The new Bos Cleaner 750p is suitable for industrial exhaust air purification and professional grease duct cleaning.

Brush cleaning with simultaneous compressed air support (air nozzle with quick coupling). Disinfection or insertion of grease solvent in one operation (liquid nozzle with quick coupling). New shaft system extremely resistant.

This machine was further developed visually and technically in 2017 for the professional cleaning of air ducts. It is an excellent choice for round and rectangular ventilation systems from 315 to 1200 mm. The 12 mm hose for chemicals and air enables efficient work in difficult conditions. No loss of performance as with similar cleaning machines with 10 mm air hoses. While the brush is rotating, compressed air can be injected in parallel for support. The cleaning process becomes very effective.

The brush machine BC750p has a very long reach – up to 70 meters in both directions starting from the inspection opening. By using ball bearings, the cleaning shaft is easy to unroll and rewind. An air valve controls the speed and direction of rotation. The brush motor is driven pneumatically.

  • Brush drive pneumatically
  • Brush cleaning with simultaneous compressed air support (air nozzle with quick coupling)
  • Disinfection or insertion of fat solvents in one operation (liquid nozzle with quick coupling)
  • Right and left rotation
  • Pneumatic hose connections
  • Ø 12 mm
  • Shaft length 40 m

Basic brushes, M12, PP bristle
Brush with nylon center, PES bristle, Ø 0.50 mm
Brush with nylon center and disc, PES / Nylon bristle, Ø 0.70 mm
Brushes with nylon center, Nylon bristle, 1.0 mm
Brushes for special cleaning with nylon center, Tynex / Nylon
Hard brushes M-12, Nylon Ø 2.5 mm
VA – metal brushes M-12

Brush adapter for brushes with nylon center
Vacuum and centering plates 200 – 500 mm
Air nozzle
Liquid nozzle
Oil sprayer for air motor
3 brush gear
– Additional connection quick coupling low-pressure sprayer or second compressor
– solid rubber wheels (with MS-bearings)


Drive: Pneumatic air compressor
Pneumatic motor: Ober LFB3R
Required compressor, Canal < 500 mm: 300-600 l/min. 6 bar
Required compressor, Canal > 500 mm: 400-600 l/min. 8 bar
Brush speed: Continuously adjustable
Noise: 78,5 dB (A)
Controls: Manual air valve
Brush/direction control: Air valve
Brush connection: M12
Dimensions: Height 1200 x Width 500 x Length 1060 mm

Weight: 44 kg
Shaft length: 40 m
Shaft: LDPE outer sheath + 11 mm glass fibre rod,
2*12/10 Pa12P40, 1*10/8 Pa12P40
Pressure: 6 bar (pressure)
Air flow: 300-600 l/min
Material housing/drum: Painted steel / marine-grade aluminium EN AW 5754
Casters: Ø 250 mm / Ø 100 mm locking swivel casters
Max. brush size: Ø 1200 mm

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