Cleaning robot for HVAC-systems

Ideal for cleaning HVAC-systems with sizes from 400 up to 1000 mm, round and rectangular.

Video inspection and brushing machine for Air Ducts

  • 2 cameras HD color front and rear view
  • Rotation clockwise and counterclockwise
  • Stepless height adjustment electrically
  • Total cable length 23 m
  • Strong brush motor

Video cameras: 2 x color camera HD 9″ switchable front and rear view via control panel
Brush motor: Electric 24 V
Brush arm height adjustable: Electric 24 V
Brush speed: 480 RPM
Noise: 50 dB (A) to ISO / CD 15 744
Operating voltage: 230 V / 50-60 Hz
Robot control: Joystick
Direction of rotation: right / left switchable
Brush connection: Quick Release feed
Height: 350 mm
280 mm
490 mm with brush arm in the lowest position
Electric motor drive (fuse):
24V DC (5A)
Electric motor brush (fuse):
24V DC (10A)
Electric motor brush arm (fuse):
24V DC (10A)
Weight robot / transportbox incl. Electronics: 12 kg / 20 kg
Cable length: 23 m
Drive: Wheels with truck-belts or four single wheels
Robot housing: Aluminum
Transportcase (2 cases): Stock-able aluminium on wheels
Indicator lights: Yes
Emergency stop switch: Yes
Max. brush size: 1000 mm