Fire Protection / Sealing & Coating


A tight and well-functioning ventilation-system saves energy and therefore contributes to the global trend of energy saving.

Additionally, non-leaking channels help avoid spreading disturbing odors and ensure a good indoor climate, which is important for our health. Restaurants for example have a higher risk of kitchen-fire in their ventilation systems due to the easy flammable grease which sticks in their air-ducts which are also known as grease-channels.

A flexible, fire protected, and airtight composite will be applied on-site in the existing old ventilation, adjusting to all surface irregularities, offsets, and narrowings. The on-site curing allows the inliner to follow the shape of the channels and seal leaking ventilations regardless of shape, diameter, material and also without the need of evacuating employees out of the building.

Sealed, air tight channels permit significant energy savings, safety improvements, and cost savings, which ensures a pay back of the installation costs in less than ten years.