New brush machines

  • Electric drive 230V
  • Cable systems 8, 10 and 12 mm
  • Working lengths 20 – 35 m
  • Pneumatic drive up to 8 bar
  • Working length 40 m

New cleaning robot

  • Complete system for cleaning and inspection
  • Working length 23 m
  • Brush diameter up to 1000 mm

New brush machine   

  • Electric drive (230V and 110V available)
  • Stainless steel
  • Working length 35 m
  • Maintenance free

New negative air units

  • Approved for pollutant remediation
  • High suction performance and low weight due to the use of marine aluminum
  • Available in 230V and 110V

hs projektmanagement is your supplier for the technical hygiene in HVAC systems

About hs Projektmanagement

From professionals for professionals.
Our machines have been developed consistently and comply with the quality standard 2017/2018. From residential ventilation to sophisticated air duct cleaning in hospitals and industry.

hs Projektmanagement has over 20 years of technical and project experience that we like to share with our network.

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You have the opportunity to try out all the technology on the object in Monheim, Germany. Contrary to other providers, this service is of course free! The presentation and demonstration area contains a sufficiently large workshop area where necessary maintenance and repair work can be carried out without any difficulty. The training area for the practical exercises includes a complete set of ventilation pipes and ventilation ducts. These are arranged in such a way that the technique can also be visually observed in use

Are you looking for current and sophisticated cleaning technology for ventilation and air conditioning systems?

Are you in need of professional support in tool selection in special projects?

We offer exactly what you are looking for!

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