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HVAC Cleaning and Inspection Robot

Ideal for cleaning HVAC-systems with sizes from 500 up to 1000 mm, round and rectangular.

The perfected technology is an innovative brush cleaning robot for inspection and cleaning of HVAC systems with a size from 500 to 1000 mm, round or rectangular.

Equipped with the possibility of recording the work by means of video grabber and laptop. The robot is controlled by cable, manually with a joystick and the cleaning can be observed simultaneously through the monitor. A perfect tool for cleaning and inspection of HVAC systems!


  • 2 cameras HD color front and rear view
  • Rotation clockwise and counterclockwise
  • Stepless height adjustment electrically
  • Total cable length 23 m
  • Strong brush motor
Rotary brush machine BOS BC750P

Technical specifications – HVAC Air Duct Cleaning & Inspection Robot

  • Video cameras: 2 x color camera HD 9″ switchable front and rear view via control panel
    Brush motor: Electric 24 V
    Brush arm height adjustable: Electric 24 V
    Brush speed: 480 RPM
    Noise: 50 dB (A) to ISO / CD 15 744
    Operating voltage: 230 V / 50-60 Hz
    Robot control: Joystick
    Direction of rotation: right / left switchable
    Brush connection: Quick-Action chuck
    Height: 350 mm
    280 mm
    490 mm with brush arm in the lowest position
    Electric motor drive (fuse):
    24V DC (5A)
    Electric motor brush (fuse):
    24V DC (10A)
    Electric motor brush arm (fuse):
    24V DC (10A)
    Cable length: 23 m
    Drive: 4-wheel system
    Robot housing: Aluminum
    Transportcase (2 cases): Stack-able aluminum mobile
    Indicator lights: Yes
    Emergency stop switch: Yes
    Max. Brush size: 1000 mm

From professionals for professionals!

Ventilation Air Duct Cleaning Machines / Rotary Brush Aggregates for HVAC cleaning projects by professionals for professionals! When it really needs to be clean, you choose for professional HVAC cleaning equipment of hs Projectmanagement Our machines have been developed consistently and comply with the quality standard 2017/2018. From residential ventilation to sophisticated air duct cleaning in hospitals and industry!

You have the opportunity to try out all the technology in our training facility in Monheim, Germany. Contrary to other providers, this service is of course free! The presentation and demonstration area contains a sufficiently large workshop area where necessary maintenance and repair work can be carried out without any difficulty. The training area for the practical exercises includes a complete set of ventilation pipes and ventilation ducts. These are arranged in such a way that the technology can be viewed visually in use.