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Bos Cleaner 750e

The new Bos Cleaner 750e is now available with the new shaft connection.

A double gear box allows a nearly 90° degree connection. With a simple quick connection the 27 m shaft can be changed within a few minutes at the construction site. . With the new electric foot pedal eliminates the annoying search of the pressure point as with pneumatic pedals

This machine was further developed visually and technically in 2017 for the professional cleaning of air ducts. It is an excellent choice for round and rectangular ventilation systems from 315-700 mm. The excellent mobility makes the use and handling easy even in confined spaces. The brush machine BC750e has a very long reach – up to 45 meters in both directions starting from the inspection opening. By using ball bearings, the cleaning shaft is easy to unroll and rewind. The electric foot pedal controls the direction of rotation. The quick assembly makes maintenance or replacement of the cleaning shaft a simple task.

  • Quick connection for the cleaning shaft
  • Double gear for shaft connection
  • Stepless right and left rotation
  • Electric foot pedal
  • Shaft length 27 m
Rotary Brushingmachine BOS BC750E

Cleaning Brushes

  • Basic brushes, M12, PP bristle
  • Brush with nylon center, PES bristle, Ø 0.50 mm
  • Brush with nylon center and disc, PES / Nylon bristle,
    Ø 0,70mm
  • Brushes with nylon center, Nylon bristle, 1.0 mm
  • Brushes for special cleaning with nylon center, Tynex /Nylon


  • Brush adapter for brushes with nylon center
  • Vacuum and centering plates 200 – 500 mm
  • Remote control
  • 3 brush gear

Technical specifications – BOS Cleaner 750e

  • Drive: Electric 240 V
    Frequency: 50 Hz
    Motor: 0.75 kW / 3.1 A
    Rotation speed: Frequency converter
    Connection cable: 5m rubber cable, 3G 3*1.5 mm²
    Control switch: Yes
    Brush speed: 50–560 RPM, variable
    Brush/direction control: Electrical pedal
    Brush connection: M12
    Material housing/drum: Painted steel / marine-grade aluminium EN AW 5754
    Dimensions: Height 1200 x Width 500 x Length 1060 mm
  • Weight: 76 kg
    IP Rating: 54
    Shaft length: 27 m
    Shaft: LDPE outer sheath + 11 mm glass fibre rod, 12 mm steel shaft inside a PA tube
    Shaft mounting adapter: (Easy Service System Adapter) ESSA
    Casters: Ø 250 mm / Ø 100 mm locking swivel casters
    Indicator lights: Yes
    Emergency stop switch: Yes
    Hour meter: Yes
    Max. brush size: Ø 800 mm